Limited visibility, reduced oxygen conditions and self-help in tactical conditions were some
of the exercises conducted in the Police School in Slupsk in the framework of the EUPST II project.

The idea of ​​EUPST II (European Union Police Services Training II) is to strengthen the crisis management capabilities of CSDP missions and exchange experiences in this area.
The programme envisages training up to two thousand policemen from different countries
by 2018, building a coherent management and training system and strengthening interoperability.

It was the second time that the Police School in Slupsk hosted the EUPST II training.
In September 2017 more than 50 policemen from the European Union and the African Union participated in the training. This year the main topic of the training was Cross-cutting issues related to Mentoring, Monitoring and Advising in mission area. The venture combined variety of subjects from the general concept of EU CSDP missions and operations through the meaning of cultural awareness for efficient MMA activities in mission area, human rights protection, operational dimension of dialogue facilitation to policing within vulnerable communities in mission-related situations.

The trainees had also practical exercises: shooting, rules of segregation of wounded personnel at incident site (Triage) and search and rescue actions with the use of GPS locators in coastal and forest areas of Słowiński National Park.

The training was mainly delivered by the Polish experts both from the Police and the Military with participation of international experts.

EUPST II is one of the international initiatives Poland is involved in. Due to the Polish engagement in various types of peacekeeping operations, all ventures aimed at building coherent model of European policing standards and rules are of a great interest for the Polish Police. Therefore, Poland joined the Let4Cap project which was designed to reach these goals.