This Project is funded by the Internal Security Fund of the European Union – G.A. HOME/2018/ISFP/AG/LETX/8753

LET4CAP aims to contribute to more consistent and efficient assistance in law enforcement capacity building to third countries.The Project consists in the design and provision of training interventions drawn on the experience of the partners and fine-tuned after a piloting and consolidation phase.

The project comprises a desk research phase (WP 1 Stocktaking) aimed at creating a firm foundation from which the project can take off. In this phase the project will make a reconnoitring of the existing knowledge base, good practices and lessons learnt on law enforcement capacity building training within the EU and the UN, taking into consideration, among others, the materials and doctrine developed within CEPOL, ESDC, the ENTRi and EUPST projects.

Based on the results of desk research, a training course curriculum and the related didactic materials will be developed through a joint exercise by all project partners (WP 2 Training development).

4 training courses will be then organised. Cycle feedback loops from piloting the training curriculum will be crucial to ensure that stakeholders’ and beneficiaries’ needs are fully taken into account and embedded in the training package. After the feedback gained from stakeholders and trainees and trainers’ evaluation of the courses, the draft of the project’s products will be consolidated and transformed into an e-learning tool (WP 3 Training implementation).

Dissemination and outreach will be implemented along the entire project life cycle so as to make full use of the potential outreach of the consortium (WP 4 Dissemination & outreach).