With the delivery of the third course, held on 26-30 November 2018, the curriculum developed under the project started to be consolidated, on the basis of a systematic analysis of the evaluation activity carried out by CEP during and after each course. This led to a series of adjustments to the concept and programme of the courses. The consolidated program was implemented during the fourth course (18-22 February 2019 at COESPU, in Vicenza – Italy) and work meaningfully started on the e-learning platform, using – inter alia – materials, case studies, examples, questions and good practices gathered and developed during the trainings. The Platform was created in its version 0 in early May 2019, piloted internally and revised several times to ensure consistency, currency and accessibility. It was finalized and presented to the final project conference and it is available on the project website for wide use. The platform contains a free online course that introduces learners to foundational topics related to law enforcement capacity building. The course is structured around lectures, videos, quizzes and tests and is supplemented with recommended resources and knowledge assessments.