LET4Cap envisages a set of activities aimed at crafting a fully-fledged training package for LEOs entailing:

  • (WP1) Stocktaking of existing good practices and lessons learned in the field of law enforcement capacity building and ongoing training praxis. This will provide the foundation for subsequent activities by establishing the current state of play related to training and a survey of current lessons learned and good practices in LE capacity building.
  • (WP2) Training development involving the development of the course curriculum on LE capacity building, which provides for developing capabilities of LEOs in transferring and building the knowledge of their local counterparts. It is centered on how to build up the personal and soft skills of LEOs for a successful capacity building task, it fosters experience and knowledge sharing and peer training. Auxiliary training tools will also be devised consisting of a series of online booklets on selected priority countries/regions of direct relevance for LE capacity building efforts.
  • (WP3) Training implementation related to the piloting of the training curriculum through 4 training events, the evaluation of their quality that will constitute the basis for readjustments and revisions of the curriculum developed and for its final consolidation. Transfer of training evaluation activities are also planned to gather information from learners about medium and longer-term results that can be reasonably connected to courses. Work will also start for creating an online training course compatible with the CEPOL e-Net environment that will be put at the disposal of the entire training community and law enforcement training audience.
  • (WP4) Dissemination & outreach tailored to ensure that the project outputs are disseminated to end-users and stakeholders and are available to the public. This involves the design of the project visual identity and the definition of a PR and dissemination strategy; the setting up of a project website as an info hub for the project and the organization of a set of outreach activities.