First country booklets are now online

A series of online booklets are being developed on selected priority countries/regions of direct relevance for law enforcement capacity building efforts highlighting the historical, political, socio-economic and legal contexts of third countries. The priority list of countries/regions of focus corresponds to countries/regions where a EU civilian CSDP mission with a core mandate on law enforcement capacity building is deployed.

Each booklet contains the following information (indicative list):

  1. Country profile (including Modern and contemporary history, Geography, Population, Civil society and media, Languages, Religions, Health, Education and Literacy, Country economy);
  2. Political and institutional situation;
  3. Security Issues;
  4. Internal and International migration;
  5. Human Rights situation;
  6. The International Community in the given country;
  7. Travel advice and practical info (including Local Customs and Cultural awareness, Family, Social Etiquette, Business Etiquette and Protocol, Medical Travel Recommendations, Other travel info, Time Zone, Climate, Radio transmissions, Useful contacts e.g. Embassies/International Organizations).

These tools are meant to serve as a practical easy-to use document for officers being deployed to the relevant countries to have a general overview of the main aspects related to the area of operations. The booklets are based on existing knowledge and practice and collect in a single hub useful aspects to be aware of before and during deployment. Their handy format allow the download on any device for an easy read.

The countries covered are as follows:

  1. Burkina Faso (forthcoming)
  2. Chad (forthcoming)
  3. Georgia
  4. Iraq (forthcoming)
  5. Kosovo (forthcoming)
  6. Libya
  7. Mali (forthcoming)
  8. Mauritania (forthcoming)
  9. Niger
  10. Occupied Palestinian Territory (forthcoming)
  11. Senegal (forthcoming)
  12. Somalia
  13. Ukraine

The first country booklets are now online and you can download them at the DELIVERABLES section. The booklets will be regularly updated.